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Passageways & Portals

John Madott frequently painted roads, pathways, stairways and portals that collaborated with his viewer and led on a journey of discovery to an imaginative elsewhere.


Elemental Spirits

Whether ghostly driftwood reaching out of red sand, or shadows cast against church walls by setting sun, these paintings capture a mystery beyond what the eyes simply see.


Canadian Coast-to-Coast

From the war years on Canada’s west coast, to northern Ontario, to Canada’s east coast, John was a Canadian, born in Canada, who loved what he saw and cherished the breadth of the land.


Italian Townscapes

John Madott honoured his Italian heritage by painting what he saw when he finally travelled to Italy, for the first time, in his mid-sixties. He approached Italian townscapes like a landscape artist, seeing the whole without losing the proverbial forest for the trees.


Italian Landscapes

In addition to painting after his own holidays or those of his daughters, John Madott received commissions from Canadian-Italians returning from trips to Italy who wanted to memorialize their home-towns, villages or farms.


Naïve Perspectives

John Madott was more at home with landscapes than the human figure, but sometimes included these in his landscapes. There is a charming innocence to some of these.


Of Men & Boats

John Madott had a romantic streak that would have been at home in the Age of Exploration. Though mechanized man was well beyond tall ships by the time John started painting, he returned again and again to the tall ship, even including a ghostly echo in the background of a Peggy’s Cove painting.


Influences & Experiments

The viewer will recognize obvious references to Kreighoff or Cezanne, as John Madott experimented and searched for his own palette, techniques and subject-matter.


» Photography for most John Madott's paintings by Frank Nagy «

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